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How to Stick with Your 2013 Resultions

It’s almost New Years, the time when most people make resolutions or set goals for the upcoming year. It’s also very common for those resolutions to be broken within the first month and the goals never met.

Eric Barker blogs on the science of human behavior. We thought we’d share his blog, “A Foolproof Method for Sticking with Your New Year’s Goals” with you in hopes that it will help you improve your ability to set realistic goals and manage to keep them. Briefly, Erik sites a number of studies on the best methods to set and keep goals as well as break bad habits. Key points include:

  • Just pick one resolution. More than that is too hard.
  • Break the goal into steps. Have a plan.
  • Reward yourself for progress.
  • Realize you may screw up. Keep at it.

We’d like to wish each and every one of you a Happy New Year and we look forward to sharing more blogs on learning, training, games and how the brian functions in 2013!