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Many companies now opt to use web conferencing instead of holding an actual meeting with their employees.  The benefits are many including cost and time savings.  However, what is often missing from a virtual meeting is the ability to engage your audience, interactive participation and team building.  Training Games easily fills these needs.

Here’s how:

Our Training games play the same on the game host’s computer whether in the classroom or online.  However, when a training question is posed to a player or team, players need a way to respond. Online conferencing software provides several easy ways to play.

There are 3 different features in Web Conferencing that makes it easy to use training games.  The Chat feature, which is provided in all web conferencing programs, and the Polling and Breakout features.  These last two features can be found in several web conferencing programs (see below).

Here’s how to use the Chat feature

Break your group into 4 teams or less and assign a team leader to each team.  After a game question is presented to a team, give the team a moment to chat with one another using the chat box feature. Have each player then send their best response to the team leader.  From the team’s input, the team leader chooses a response and voices it to the game host for scoring.

Note: If your group is in four or less locations you can also set each physical location as a team.  Teams can rotate turns or all teams could answer all questions in the All Play mode. 

Using the Polling feature

You can use the polling feature and have your entire group answer ALL questions.  After a question is presented to the group, use the polling feature to get everyone’s answer.  Show the results and score the answer your group selected most often.

Using the Breakout feature

Breakout rooms are a fantastic conferencing features that allow the host to send meeting participants to separate rooms where they can privately discuss the answer to a question.

After a minute or two, the host then calls them back to the main meeting to present their answer.  In the Quiz Show Pro and Quiz Show International you can click one time on a question, which instantly copies it to the clipboard. Then paste it into the chat box to allow all teams to view the question while in the breakout room.

Add fun, excitement ant interactivity to your next online meeting using games from Training Games Inc.

Here is a short list of the most popular web conferencing programs and their features:

Web Conferencing Software Options Chat Polling Breakout Rooms
GoToMeeting X
WebEx Meetings X X
Adobe Connect Meetings X X X
Adobe Connect Learning X X X
GoToTraining X X X
WebEx Training Center X X X
Zoom X X X


Our Recommendation

The chances are your organization already has some web conferencing software.  If not, we would recommend Zoom for 3 reasons.

  1. It has the best pricing and options.
  2. It has a rich set of features including polling & breakouts.
  3. We use it and the Zoom folks provide excellent customer service when needed.

Check out Zoom using this link