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Using Games to Enhance Student Achievement

We found an article from 2010 that reiterates the positive impacts of games on learning that we often tell our readers about in our newsletter. Robert Marzana discusses the results of more than 60 studies he’s been involved with over the years stating that, “These studies showed that, on average, using academic games in the classroom is associated with a 20 percentile point gain in student achievement.” He also notes that, “The games used in the studies were all adaptations of popular game shows, such as Jeopardy, Family Feud, the $100,000 Pyramid, and the like.”  Obviously, we are always pleased to hear that as many of TGI’s games are also based on these popular shows, and we know that trainers and teachers who use our games have similar  positive results.

Read more about how to get the most out of using games to educate and help students remember content in Robert’s article in Educational Leadership