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The Top Eight Things You Need To Know About Online Education


There is a variety of opinions in the media these days regarding online learning. Depending on what you read, online education can appear to be either a cure-all or cancer. In an effort to cut through the smoke, here are the top eight established facts you need […]

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That Devil on Your Shoulder Likes to Sleep In


It is often asked why good people do bad things. Perhaps the question should be when. More likely, it’s in the afternoon or evening. Much less so in the morning. That’s the finding of research, published in the journal Psychological Science, which concludes that a person’s ability […]

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We Can Now Send Thoughts Directly between Brains

The dawn of human brain-to-brain communication has arrived Oct 16, 2014 - By Rajesh P. N. Rao and Andrea Stocco Note from TGI: This is an excerpt from an article that recently appeared in the Oct. edition of Scientific American Mind Magazine, a great publication for articles […]

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Digital Delivery and Open Source Websites

No longer shackled to books as their only source of content, educators and students are going online to find reliable, valuable, and up-to-the-minute information. Sites like Shmoop’s fun-focused content on everything from SAT prep to the Civil War; Google’s Education apps and sources that teachers can use […]

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