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Building Rapport

By Rowena Crosbie Visit the TERO website Rapport is a feeling of comfort, trust and understanding you can have with someone else. Rapport makes it easier for us to be assertive, influential, accommodating, persuasive and relaxed with someone. Because rapport happens as a result of the way […]

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Why Have Our Brains Started to Shrink?

From Scientific American Mind Magazine Oct 16, 2014 Christopher Stringer, a paleoanthropologist and research leader on human origins at the Natural History Museum in London, replies: Indeed, skeletal evidence from every inhabited continent suggests that our brains have become smaller in the past 10,000 to 20,000 years. […]

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BY WILLIAM SKAGGS For many years scientists believed that you were born with all the neurons you would ever get. The evidence for this dogma seemed strong: neuroanatomists in the early 20th century had identified immature neurons under the microscope but only in the brains of mammalian […]

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First Impression, Lasting Impression


By Becky Rupiper-Greene Is a first glance keeping you from getting a second chance? It’s no secret that first impressions can form lasting opinions. Research consistently reveals that favorable first impressions and a polished image can serve as competitive tools. It also indicates that many are sabotaging […]

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