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Brain training games improve memory and multitasking but DON’T boost intelligence

By Victoria Woollaston PUBLISHED: 09:22 EST, 9 October 2013 | UPDATED: 09:22 EST, 9 October 2013 • Brain training games found to improve someone’s ability to recall facts • Yet study finds they have no positive effect on problem solving or reason Despite claims made by the […]

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How to Develop an Ice Breaker

By Susan M. Heathfield Tired of spending time searching for an ice breaker through books and online and then, spending even more time to redesign the ice breaker for your needs? It’s difficult to find the perfect ice breaker, that reinforces the topic of your training, to […]

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So what have these games been teaching? And what can they teach?


The majority of commercial game designers have used the learning power of digital games to teach people how to play their games … and to encourage them to keep on playing. Players do sometimes learn real-world content, depending on the subject matter of the game, but that’s […]

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Smart neurons: single dendrites can perform computations

UCL NEWS 28 October 2013 When you look at the hands of a clock or the streets on a map, your brain is effortlessly performing computations that tell you about the orientation of these objects. New research by UCL scientists has shown that these computations can be […]

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