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Toward a More Collaborative PowerPoint: Q&A with Michael Schrage

By Cliff Atkinson Michael Schrage writes and consults about the design and diffusion of digital innovation and their effects on business relationships. One innovation called PowerPoint has had a big effect on business, and according to Michael, a core problem with it is the fact that it […]

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What Causes the Brain to Have Slow Processing Speed, and How Can the Rate Be Improved?

Scientific American Mind Volume 25, Issue 2 Mar 1, 2014 |By Heather Walker Geoffrey A. Kerchner, assistant professor of neurology and neurological sciences at the Stanford University School of Medicine, responds: To a brain scientist, processing speed means just that: the rate at which a human can […]

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Broken Brain Myths

Listening to classical music makes you smarter In 1993, a small study showed that college students who listened to a Mozart sonata and then took an IQ test got higher spatial scores than those who didn’t. But this so-called “Mozart effect” wore off in less than 15 […]

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Where do Savant Skills Come From?

By Scott Barry Kaufman | February 25, 2014 | Scientific American There’s a scene in the 1988 movie Rain Man in which Raymond Babbitt (played by Dustin Hoffman) recites a waitress’s phone number. Naturally the waitress is shocked. Instead of mental telepathy, Raymond had memorized the entire […]

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