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Using Active Learning in the Classroom

Active learning shifts the focus from the teacher and delivery of course content to the student and active engagement with the material. Through active learning techniques and modeling by the teacher, students shed the traditional role as passive receptors and learn and practice how to apprehend knowledge […]

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Will Robots Eventually Be Able to Teach?

BY LANCE ULANOFF Honda’s remarkable humanoid robot, ASIMO, has come a long way since I first saw it stiffly walk across a stage more than a decade ago. The latest edition can run briskly, climb stairs with ease, dance like Travolta, kick a ball and jump up […]

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New Therapies Take Early Aim at Autism

Scientific American Mind Dec 19, 2013 | By Luciana Gravotta Autism, a complex disorder of brain development, is now estimated to affect one in 88 kids. Delivering therapy to kids with symptoms of autism at age one or two is likely to result in greater improvements in […]

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Can ADHD Be Prevented?

A game-style intervention for preschoolers might prevent ADHD from developing, reducing reliance on medications Mar 1, 2014 |By Emily Laber-Warren Games such as freeze dance coach kids to abruptly stop what they are doing. Pay Attention By addressing signs of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder very early, some psychologists […]

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Information overload acts ‘to dim the lights’ on what we see

17 March 2014 UCL News Too much visual information causes a phenomenon known as ‘load induced blindness’, with an effect akin to dimming the lights, reports a new UCL study. The new findings could be used to identify high-risk situations in all walks of life and look […]

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