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Archive for November 2015

What is Effective Game-based Learning, and Why Does it Work? By NMI White Papers


We don’t need more time in the classroom to learn how to think and perform in the face of real-world challenges. We need effective, interactive experiences that motivate and actively engage us in the learning process.

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Overworking Your Brain Can Spark Ideas By Madhuvanthi Kannan

Companies relying on innovation go to astonishing lengths to imbue creativity in their staff. Jump In!, the wacky brainchild of Pearlfisher’s creative strategist, is for instance, built on the premise that interleaving work and play can spark creativity in grown-ups, just like it did back in school days.

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Presentation Quotables

Instantly choose from over 2,400 categorized quotes. Need a great quote to drive home an important point in your presentation? How about some funny facts, or interesting trivia to delight your audience as you present? Once you’ve install the Presentation Quotables Add-In, it is always there, in your PowerPoint menu, at your fingertips , and ready to use!

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