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Presentation Companion Slide Packs

Presentation Game 5 Retro Slides (48 slides)


All of the slides that were in our previous version of the Presentation Game covering all categories.

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What Did They Say 1 (27 slides)

These slides add a bit of fun to any presentation. Colorful and graphically-enhanced images of people and animals first appear on these slides. Click to reveal a speech bubble and again to hide them. Use our comments or modify to have fun with your audience.

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General Trivia 3 (32 slides)

Insert these fascinating trivia slides into your presentation. A great way to get a laugh or two and to refocus your audience’s attention. You can also use these slides to play a Jeopardy-style quiz show game (Note: the Presentation Game sold above, can be used with these […]

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Countdown Timers (4 slides)


This slide pack contains 4 different exercise and discussion on-screen timers. Timers can be set for any time duration you require, and will provide a second by second countdown for all to track and help to keep you on schedule.

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