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Archive for November 2012

Using Games to Enhance Student Achievement

We found an article from 2010 that reiterates the positive impacts of games on learning that we often tell our readers about in our newsletter. Robert Marzana discusses the results of more than 60 studies he’s been involved with over the years stating that, “These studies showed […]

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18 Graduate Programs Embracing Games

Kaitlyn Cole, who works with, sent us an article they recently published, ““18 Graduate Programs Embracing Games.” After we read it, we agreed with her that, “….we think (the article) clicks with the tone of your site and the passions of your readers.” The article confirms […]

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Learning by Playing: Video Games in the Classroom

Our previous blog regarding the use of video games for higher education reminded us of an article we published in our newsletter several months ago,  Sara Corbett’s article regarding Quest to Learn’s video game curriculum.  Understanding that most kids today were raised interacting with technology, it just […]

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For a Healthy Brain, Physical Exercise Trumps Mental Workouts

Link: We found an interesting article that provides evidence that physical exercise is better for brain health than mental exercise. The brain imaging study discussed showed that physical exercise protected the brain from shrinking, the cause of memory and thinking problems; while social and mental stimulation  […]

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