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Archive for December 2014

InJeopardy Deluxe Quiz Show


InJeopardy Deluxe Quiz Show is the ultimate training quiz show game because there are so many ways you can play. It has automatic scoring, works with PowerPoint and accommodates ALL PC PowerPoint versions (2002 thru 2013).

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10-Pack Ultimate TV Quiz Show


10 Great TV game shows! This creative assortment of ten TV-style game shows lets you easily customize and save training program review games using a program you already know well — PowerPoint. These games can be renamed and saved over and over again to deliver different question sets for all of your various training programs. -

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Presentation Game Add-In

The Presentation Game makes your presentation interactive, engaging and fun! It turns a tiresome, tedious presentation into an exciting Presentation Game.Today’s audiences want to be involved and engaged.

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Presentation Tool Box Add-In

The Presentation Tool Box Add-In is the perfect companion for any teacher, trainer or speaker who wants to quickly and easily add engaging and FUN slides into their PowerPoint presentation.

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