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Archive for January 2015

Presentation Game 5 Retro Slides (48 slides)


All of the slides that were in our previous version of the Presentation Game covering all categories.

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What is Brain-Based Learning? Part 3 Strategies 7 - 10

Written by Eric Jensen Brain-Based Education is the purposeful engagement of strategies that apply to how our brain works in the context of education. Brain-based education is actually a “no-brainer.” Here’s a simple, but essential premise: the brain is intimately involved in, and connected with, everything educators […]

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Our Brains Have a Map for Numbers

Jan 14, 2014 |By Emilie Reas “Come on. Get out of the express checkout lane! That’s way more than twelve items, lady.” Without having to count, you can make a good guess at how many purchases the shopper in front of you is making. She may think […]

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Five Fast Tips to Professional Presence


How many items are competing for your time and attention today? The pace of communication alone speeds up our processes and the demand for instant actions and results. In a world where most things arrive on your desk as urgent and important, how do you make sure […]

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