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Archive for February 2015

Presenting To Groups of People by Dr. Jon Warner


Presenting To Groups of People by Dr. Jon Warner Very few people indeed can stand in front of a group and give a talk that appears to be spontaneous, relevant and informative. Those who appear not to have to prepare are those who have prepared the most, […]

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Presentation Skills Myth versus Reality by Rowena Crosbie


Fire, electrical blackout, locust, earthquake…” Thus the apprehensive speaker prays. For him, speaking in front of a group is the experience to be feared most. More than fear of heights, fear of spiders and even fear of dying. The statistics indeed support Jerry Seinfeld’s humorous claim that […]

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Are Humans Wired to Survive?


Below is an excerpt from an article by Charles Bryant that makes a clear case for our evolutionarily hardwired instinct to survive. I’ve been thinking about this lately and believe our instinct to survive may prevent us from “Living in the moment”, something I believe we all […]

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Taking the Learning Tablets


The latest innovations promise big improvements in teaching WHO killed Edgar Allan Poe? The mysterious death of the 19th-century author features in a new online school curriculum from Amplify, the education arm of News Corp. Pupils follow clues that require close reading of Poe’s stories (the assassin’s […]

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