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Quiz Show Premium Game


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Introducing the new Quiz Show Premium Training Game. A Jeopardy style quiz show games are designed for teachers and trainers. The Quiz Premium training game is guaranteed to add fun, engage your learners and improved overall learning retention for every one of your teaching and training programs. Training Games Inc. has been developing games for teachers and trainers for over 15 years and we’ve put together a Jeopardy style game that will delight your students and is guaranteed to make you “instructor of the year”!


Videos: Game Overview and How to Play  

Note: “How to Play” video reviews identical operational functions used in the Quiz Show Pro game.

Quiz Show Pro Trial Game Download

Note: The new Quiz Show Premium game includes ALL the features of the Quiz Show Pro but allows for up to 6 teams/players, the ability to instantly import question sets right into the game, the ability to import enhanced graphical backgrounds, records wireless buzz-in for all 6 players after each has buzzed-in, game timers, and finally the ability to import picture files to support game questions/answers.

Click Here for Quiz Show Premium Help Doc

Similar games are often used to review training program materials however, Quiz Show Premium has been developed so that you can use this game to present new material as well as review previously covered information. It is also easy to add your own presentation slides into the game itself.

Quiz Show Premium has more game features than any other training game product on the market today. Just look at all the game features you get with the Quiz Show Premium.

Quiz Show Premium GAME FEATURES Include:

General Features:

  1. Play with up to SIX teams/players
  2. Designed for games with any number questions up to 60!
  3. Develop questions for up to 12 program categories
  4. Great game sounds and musical jingles add excitement.
  5. The slide navigator makes it easy to jump to any slide and enter questions exactly where you want them on the game boards.
  6. Dynamically set up any game board question configuration in seconds!
  7. No sticky IT issues - Built in PowerPoint. Works with PowerPoint 2010 and newer.
  8. OPTIONAL – Have us create a Custom Video Introduction for your game with your organization’s logo, Game Name etc.(Additional $25.00, see details below).

There are 5 different ways to play!

  1. Single Player: Quiz Show Premium can be sent to multiple members of your organization via e-mail (requires multi- Trainer/User License) and played as a single user game.
  2. Play in Turn – Teams or players take turns answering the various questions in the game.
  3. USB Buzzer – Quiz Show Premium will integrate with wireless buzzer systems, like the Who’s First Buzzer Systems, for fast response play. (Note: Quiz Show Premium lets you know who got in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th.)
  4. Stand Alone Buzzer Systems, like the Me First Buzzer System and Audience Response Paddles – Quiz Show Premium can be played using “First-In” systems that don’t directly interface with the game itself. Many of these systems allow the host to also determine who got in second, and then pass the question to the next team if the “first-In” team got it wrong!
  5. ALL Play – Quiz Show Premium’s dynamic scoring system even allows the host to have ALL teams answer questions.

Scoring Features

  1. Automatically calculates team/player scoring (At the click of a button)
  2. Oops! Scores for all player teams can be adjusted (SCORES button)
  3. Negative scoring (If you’re deducting for incorrect answers)
  4. ALL Play Scoring – When all teams/players are answering a question, the host can select those that answered correctly and post their scores and deduct points from all teams/players answering incorrectly.
  5. Value Doublers – The game host can select as many Value Doubler questions as they would like to have in their game (1 – 60). Value Doubler questions allow players/teams to bid their accumulated points on a question.
  6. Final Quiz Show Pro – A Final Quiz Show Pro question can be added to each game. Here teams/players wager the points accumulated during the game to try and maximize their score. It makes for a very exciting game conclusion!
  7. You can change the point values on the question value buttons. Just click on the button in edit mode, back space out the current numerals and type in your change.

Features Most Important to Teachers and Trainers

  1. Review tool – This game can be a great and fun way to end your program, and also provide a comprehensive review of all materials covered.
  2. NEW Learning Delivery System – We’ve designed the Quiz Show Premium Game so that teachers and trainers can develop answer/informative slides which can appear directly after each question. In this way, each question can be expounded and elaborated upon. This allows trainers and teachers to use the game as a “NEW learning” delivery tool. The game itself works to hold your trainees attention, and then, with your classes full attention, what better time to deliver new learning information! This teach and play concept is proven to increase the training program’s overall learning retention.
  3. Ability to IMPORT 30 to 60 questions/answers (with or without question categories) into the game from a text file.
    1. You can copy questions/answers from a word document, the internet, or other sources, drop them into our simple text file, and then instantly import them into the game.
    2. We also provide an easy to use text file builder (In Excel). This application will make it a snap to format any and all of your questions (regardless of the data source) so they can be instantly imported into the game. For details regarding the Excel Text File Builder Click Here
  4. It’s PowerPoint! – Because we’ve built this game in PowerPoint, trainers and teachers can easily add/edit their program questions into the game. Customization: Again because you’re working in PowerPoint, it is easy to customize the game with your own organization’s logo and graphics. Add charts, graphs or videos to support answers and enhance learning.  Note: We will also create a custom video intro for you with your company logo and more.  See sample video templates below. (ONLY additional $25.00 for this service).
  5. SAVE AS – Remember you can design a game, SAVE it under a particular file name, and then simply create another game. The Quiz Show Premium game can be used over and over again for all your many program teaching topics. It is probably one of the most versatile training tools you’ll ever use!
  6. Mouse driven – The Quiz Show Premium Game is designed with the trainer in mind. Once you’ve developed a game (entered your questions & categories), Quiz Show Premium is designed to be operated via mouse clicks. There is no need to run back to a keyboard to type in game information. In fact navigating around the game is so easy you might elect to have an audience member operate the game, allowing you to concentrate on your program presentation!

MORE Game Features (Your kidding right!)

  1. Game Background Colors – We’ve provided unlimited color background choices and interest graphics enhancements. This allows the trainer to present a different look each and every time the game is played. Design the game with your organizations colors, logos etc.
  2. 12 Graphically Enhanced and importable backgrounds.  Change the background graphics for the main game screen in seconds!
  3. Ability to export 30 to 60 question/answers into a text file.  These files can be sent to other licensees and imported into their Quiz Show Premium game.
  4. Game 30 second musical question timers.  This feature can be used optionally, and is often helpful for the trainer for managing the duration of the game.
  5. Records ALL 6 player/teams buzzing in and the exact order they got in.  This feature is important if you wish to pass a question to another team when the question is answered incorrectly.  We recommend the Who’s First Wireless Buzzer System sold by Training Games and Trainers Warehouse.
  6. Prize Selector – Award valuable and/or fun prizes
  7. HELP Documentation – A comprehensive Help document is built right into the Quiz Show Premium Game, just click to view
  8. Built-in RULES pop-up – From the game itself, click on the RULES button to provide rules to review with your trainees. Separate tabs explain the different ways to play Quiz Show Premium. We also provide an editable rules slide to create your own game rules or provide additional classroom instruction prior to the game. Finally, sample rules for each game mode are provided and can be extracted (cut) from the Help Doc. and placed (pasted) into the House Rules slide.
  9. Bonus Quiz Show Premium Trivia Game – The Quiz Show Premium Game comes complete with a PowerPoint trivia game. Great for program icebreaker or just to add a bit of fun into your program.
  10. Works in PowerPoint PC versions 2010 or newer

CUSTOM VIDEO INTRO OPTION: For an amazingly low additional $25.00 we will developed and add to your Quiz Show Premium Game a customized VIDEO GAME INTRO  including your company logo, and up to 4 text lines for things like your company name, a organization tag line, the name of your game etc. SEE DETAILS BELOW


Check out our Game Overview and How to Play Videos. (Videos for Quiz Show Pro)

For complete game details we’ve also provided our QUIZ SHOW PREMIUM GAME HELP documentation Click Here


  • These products require Windows PowerPoint 2010 or newer.
  • Single User License allows use by one trainer/educator/presenter.
  • Multi-User License allows use by up to 20 trainers/educators/presenters in an organization.
  • Enables you to develop 100s of different training games for unlimited participants.
  • The ultimate time saving tool for all trainers.
  • FREE Lifetime Access to our MEMBERS ONLY AREA containing 100s of PowerPoint Training Games and Tools. Click here to see the many free applications you get in the MEMBERS ONLY AREA.




Quiz Show Premium - Multi-User License (20)



Quiz Show Premium - Single-User License (20)



Quiz Show Premium with Customized Introductory Video - Single User License



Quiz Show Premium with Customized Introductory Video - Multi User License




Custom Video Introductory Templates

INSTRUCTIONS: Click the “Add To Cart” button to add this option to your purchase of the Quiz Flicks game itself.

Click on the thumbnails below to sample and select the perfect video introduction for your game. Later you’ll be asked to provide the information you want us to place in the custom video introduction as well as your organization logo.

Note: Below you can select from sample videos (1 thru 16 and 21 thru 30) which will include your organization logo and up to two text lines for your organization information (For example: Game Name, Company Name, taglines etc.) Video samples 17 thru 20 offer up to 4 text lines (no added charge).

Finally Click Here to fill out and submit our information form. We may contact you with questions to ensure your customize intro is just the way you want it.


              1                            2                               3


                4                        5                             6

              7                              8                           9


            10                            11                             12



             13                           14                            15



             17                          18                            19




             21                             22                          23


            24                           25                           26

             27                          28                           29